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Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

We all have a ‘Problem Present Person’ – someone who has ‘everything’, so the problem is what on earth to buy them for Christmas? Moorabool offers some fabulous ideas for the situation. Have a…

Fresh Stock @ Moorabool

Welcome to the latest ‘Fresh’ items to enter our stock at Moorabool Antiques. This week, there’s a good selection of English Sterling Silver, some handy Furniture, a selection of local S.T.Gill prints, plus lots more! See…

Important Discoveries

Sterling medallion commemorating Phar Lap win, 1930 Melbourne Cup

A Phar Lap Australian Silver Charm

A remarkable momento of the epic 1930 Melbourne Cup win by Phar Lap, commemorating J.E. Pike’s win, this rare Australian Sterling Silver medallion is Fresh to Moorabool’s stock – just in time for today’s Melbourne Cup 97 years later……..

Moorabool News

Christopher Columbus, Santa Maria c.1530

A Sensational Tudor Discovery

An Important piece of Tudor History has just been identified in Australia. A Royal piece of needlework with visual clues to authorship leads to a remarkable conclusion involving the founding of Spain, Christopher Columbus, and Henry VIII of England, with his wife Catherine of Aragon….

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Happy 2022!

Another year has turned over- we would like to thank you for the support in 2021, and in 2022 we have so much more to enjoy. It’s an exciting time for Moorabool, with a number of projects all coming together – including a brand-new website. We paused this over Christmas…

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A new Spin on Antiques…

We’ve been busily working on a terrific new way of viewing our stock on You may have already noticed our photos are larger than before, and you can explore the pieces in greater detail by zooming in. While that’s a help, we have something even better to offer:…

Curated Collections

Neville Cayley Junior Cockatoos

Curated -Australiana

Australia has a vast range of items unique to this ‘Great Southern Land’…. from the First Nation’s fascinating art &…

Indian Antiques Group

Anglo-Indian Antiques & Art

See more Indian items Indian Bronzes ‘Indian’ Silver As the British enriched on Burma, they assimilated the artworks of Burma (Myanmar) into…

Tribal Focus

An exotic collection of ‘Tribal’ has just been launched on – from Australian Aboriginal, to our closest neighbour, Papua…

Moorabool's Theatrical Collection

Stage & Literature

Some interesting items in stock at Moorabool are all about the Stage: this is the pop-culture of the 18th…

Children's Mugs

Curated Collections

We’re pleased to announce a new way of browsing our vast stock on Curated Collections. These small groups of…