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You would usually see a fine selection of Iranian pieces here as well, but due to the US Government’s restriction on trade with ‘Persians’ , we have been required to remove such items from our site!

How could this happen in Australia?  well… we rely on Paypal as our payment option, but paypal is a US company, and has a requirement that Iran is not a part of any transaction in any form. 

Even though the items were 8th century BC Luristan antiquities, or 18th century miniatures…. 


Totally ludicrous, but as PayPal is the only real option for International online payments we are forced to comply and discriminate against all Iranian artefacts, including anything using the term ‘Persian’. Visitors to our shop will have the pleasure of browsing through our selection of Antique items that were made in Iran, as there transactions can be made via a credit card rather than PayPal. 


We’re hoping the US Government and PayPal can get their act together and allow us to put these Antique items out for sale on our website again in the near future. 


We feel sorry of all the ‘Persian Carpet’ dealers out there!


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