2016 Exhibition

Moorabool’s 2016 ‘Fresh Stock’ Exhibition
Moorabool is pleased to present our most recent acquisitions as an Exhibition in our Geelong premises. There’s a fantastic variety of items, begining with a 100+ items of Worcester porcelain from a single collector, put together last century. This includes a plate from the Hope Service (1793) and Princess Charlotte’s Service (1816) as well as some superbly rare printed & painted patterns on Teapots & other wares. Derby includes two different figure groups, freshly identified for the first time on the original pattern lists of the 1770’s. Meissen includes a Kandler figure of the ‘Printseller’, left in the white, and a rare ‘Winter’ figure who is part of a wonderful ‘plat de menage’, both from the 1740’s.
Sèvres includes the unmissable cup & saucer painted by Chappuis aîné, dated 1765, and a very rare triple salt. A large biscuit porcelain group of ‘Dusk’ and his four children – the four winds – is by Dihl et Guérhard, dating to circa 1790.  
Of a more frivilous nature is a collection of Staffordshire pottery & porcelain, from a bycicle rider to a monkey band, a fine selection of dogs, and even some vary scarce cats.
From a different age are two Greek bronze Kuros figures – one of the ‘Orientalist’ type, belonging to the Archaic period of the 6th century BC; the other shows the remarkable transformation that occurred in the 5th century BC, with the Classical Greek world emerging and laying the foundation for Western society. In complete contrast, there’s a fantastic collection of Tribal artifacts, mostly from an interesting local collection with a tale to tell. The gentleman was an RAAF pilot who served in PNG during WWII. Afterwards, he stayed behind – for the next 30 years – working in the Dept. of Native Affairs, travelling to remote tribes and collecting artifacts. 
There’s also a selection of furniture, silver & glass…..  something for everyone!

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