Lucette Dalozzo

Lucette Dalozzo

Born in Belguim, 1945, Lucette Dalzzo is an artist of remarkable diversity. She learnt her technique in Europe, at the Academy of Fine Art, Mons.  Her artistic journey took her all over the world, with exhibitions in the US, French Polynesia, Belgium, and all over Australia.

She’s been described as a ‘Romantic Impressionist’, and indeed her main works have the dreamlike state of a European Impressionist – with a sense of wonder that reflects the Romantic movement of the 19th century. The bulk of these works shown on this page are of this type, with the background being the diverse Australian landscape, from the seaside to the thick jungles of Queensland, and then ‘out back’ to the arid wasteland that covers much of the continent. Into this background she introduces her feature figures dressed in 19th century clothing, figures who would be quite at home in a mid-19th century Romantic landscape. The result is nostalgic, a sense of childhood innocence against the brooding and often harsh Australian landscape. They would make the perfect illustration for ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’.

She still paints, as do her husband and daughter. They run several galleries in Queensland under the title ‘Dalozzo Art’. These works offered on this page were her style 40 years ago, and offer an enchanting glimpse of the Australian contemporary art scene last century.  

Purchased when new by a local couple, these sweet depictions of children appealed deeply, as they themselves had none. As a noble gesture, they are now being sold for the benefit of The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.  


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