bow porcelain AustraliaBow Porcelain , London, 1744 (?) – 1776

Bow, in East London, was the home of one of the earliest Porcelain makers in Britain. A 1744 patent outlines a method for making porcelain, which probably took place on a very small scale; another the following year shows a different technique being persued, revealing a period of experimentation in the process. By 1750, porcelain was being made there in commercial quantities. Over the next three decades of production the body varied, as did glaze and decoration, making it one of the most interesting makers to collect. The final years showed a decline in quality, and in 1776 the concern was closed & sold to the Derby factory.    

DATES:  First Period c.1749-54    /    Middle Period  c.1755-63  /  Later Period  c.1764-76

PRODUCTS: Figures (after Meissen & Chelsea models) , decorative Vases, but mainly useful wares such as tea sets, plates, sweetmeat stands, pickle dishes, butter boats, sauceboats, tankards.  

BODY:   Early examples have a dense, white body; middle is more opaque, becoming quite soft & chalky by the later period.    

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