Tribal Artifacts from around the world.

Recently, an interesting local discovery was made in the estate of an elderly recluse. He did not talk about his story, but his collection speaks for itself. From paperwork, we see him with the RAAF in Papua New Guinea, 1941. He remained after the war, working for the Australian administration in the Dept. of Native Affairs – a title that allowed a lot of leeway in the job description. He was involved in the census taking in the most remote villages, and most extraordinarily, was a keen photographer and recorded these treks. We were excited to find negative canisters, all dated on the outside, containing thousands of photos from the 1940’s and 50’s, and boxes of colour slides from the 50’s and 60’s. These have names & places on most, and the dates. This is a fascinating record of PNG with many of the tribesmen having little prior contact with white men. We are very fortunate to have numerous slides of the items he collected, dated to the 1950’s, a fantastic provenance rarely seen.

    The second collection represented here was a Brisbane one, once again collected just after WWII, while other pieces represent a ‘missionary’ collection of Sepik art put together in the 1970’s, but including some older pieces at that date.

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