Australian Pottery Marshman Brothers bowl with fish, 1885-99


Australian Pottery Marshman Brothers bowl, the simple form decorated with a continuous procession of fish moulded in relief, against a wave-like groud, glazed in a deep olive. Impressed early Marshman mark, 1885-99.



9cm high , 10.5cm wide


ref. Powerhouse Museum, Sydney for a larger Marshman pot with fish from the same period. The two brothers Marshman, William and Henry, had trained as potters in England at the Doulton works. This is very evident in all aspects of this pot , the style is their arts & crafts naturalistic style, the glaze a majolica type, and the clay a superior reddish stoneware. Ironically, the firm was bought out by Doulton in the 1950's. These interesting pieces belong to the opening years of the factory; taste changed quickly, and later Marshman pottery is much more commercial and less 'arty' than these scarce early examples.

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