Bluebody pottery copy of the ‘Warwick Urn’, prob. Ridgway, c. 1830

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Unusual blue pottery copy of the famous ‘Warwick Urn’, moulded with fruiting vine, the handles modelled as stems, various Bacchanalic items and face-masks to the sides.
Unmarked, probably Ridgway,
circa 1830

14.5cm high, 18cm wide
crack to stem, rim chips

The original Warwick Urn was discovered in fragments in the ruins of Emper Hadrian’s villa at Tivoli, in 1771. Dating to the 2nd century AD, it was ‘restored’ (ie completely re-designed & re-built) by Sir William Hamilton, who tried to sell it to the British Museum, as he did with the ‘Portland Vase’. When they declined, he passed it on to his nephew George Greville, Earl of Warwick. It sat in the glasshouse at Warwick Castle (where a replica now sits) – until being sold in 1978 to the Met in New York – which led to it being declared of ‘National Importance’ and prohibited the export to the US – it was purchased by the Burrell Collection in Glasgow where it still remains.




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