Bronze votive kohl vessel, camel form, central Asian BMAC, 2,300 – 1,700 BC

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Rare bronze kohl vessel, of ceremonial votive origin, modelled with a camel as the stopper, on a globular vessel incised with sawtooth & coracle pattern, on tripod feet.circa 2,300 – 1,700 BCBMAC (Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex)


Good condition, fine original patination




The Bactria Margiana Archaeological Complex (BMAC) refers to the combined area of archaeological discoveries that point to the existence of a previously unknown bronze age culture in central Asia. The cultural artifacts are found from southern Turkmenistan and Northern Afghanistan, through to areas of Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The exact identity of the BMAC culture has yet to be fully identified due to the lack of written evidence at the sites excavated up to know. However the material evidence is strongly indicative of proto Indo-Iranian and proto-Zoroastrian practices, which if true offers a unique testimony of what the common culture of the original indo-Iranians was before they split off into the Indic and Iranian branches.

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