Creamware sauceboat, cos lettuce & rococo scroll, c. 1760

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Rare English Creamware sauceboat, of rococo silver form, the upper vessel modelled as interlocking cos lettuce leaves with a scrolling stalk handle, the base with rococo scroll moulding and a central scallop shell motif. Unmarked, c.1760


minor rim chips, hairline


20cm spout to handle, 13cm high


This very unusual piece is very evocative of the Rococo style, and is a curious blend of sources: the cos-lettuce upper is a copy of the popular Worcester leaf sauceboat, dated to the 1755-57 period. The foot is very similar to London silver forms for the 1750-55 high rococo period. The creator of this piece clearly had access to both, and the result is this spectacular example.

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