Dr Wall Worcester pierced round basket, printed in pinecone pattern, c.1775

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Dr Wall Worcester pierced round basket, printed & painted in blue with the ‘Pinecone’ pattern.

Blue crescent mark,

Circa 1775.

Foot 10cm, rim 22cm, 6cm high

Excellent condition, some glaze bubbling original to production.

Worcester basket c.1770

These three flared, round, pierced baskets are decorated with an under-glaze blue print of the “Pine Cone” pattern, featuring a peony between two pine cones and a pomegranate. The border is painted with flowers and diaper panels (BFS border no. 76), and the exterior is applied with flower heads picked out in blue. There has been some slight running of the under-glaze blue during firing, a common problem for the factory. There is some variation in the amount of flaring between the baskets. The date range for this popular floral pattern is 1770-1785.

Provenance: English Private Collection

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