Goodwin & Harris Pottery Child’s plate, ‘Lover’s Knot’ puzzle, c. 1835

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Rare Goodwin & Harris Pottery child’s plate with flower moulded border picked out in yellow, blue & green, the center printed in blue with an elaborate ‘Lover’s knot’ puzzle containing the verse:

Ah! Woe is me my tender heart,
Is pierced by cupids fatal dart.
Long time against its point I strove,
But oh! How strange to strive gainst love.
The wound I have is almost through,
And only can be healed by you.
Loving true like the dove,
And endless round of blameless love.

circa 1835

a star crack evident on the back center only, some minor discolouration

An example with the same moulding but printed in red is marked ‘Goodwins & Harris’, and is described as ‘rare’ on the Transfer Collectors Club website (pattern no. 5196) – where they illustrate a blue-printed example with a different moulded rim and link it to the before mentioned blue example. This plate proves the link between the two by having characteristics of both.

Goodwin & Harris ran the Crown Works at Lanes End, Staffordshire, 1831-8, and made quite a lot of childrens ceramics.
Puzzles like this were popular in Georgian & Victorian times, and were probably popular in printed literature – a kind of early Valentine’s message. The continual line of the ribbon the text is written on symbolises the eternal nature of love….




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