Rare Aller Vale Boer War ‘Tommy Atkins’ mug with moulded soldier, ‘God Bless you Tommy Atkins’ 1900

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Rare Aller Vale Pottery, Torquay, Boer War Commemorative mug, the slightly concave hand-potted form with white slip to the exterior, decorated with a central large applied relief of a British soldier with gun left in body colour, with green grass below & blue clouds above, inscribed either side of the handle

“Here’s your Country’s love to you”

and “God Bless you Tommy Atkins” ,

‘South Africa 1899-1900’ beneath the figure.

Impressed mark ‘ ALLER VALE’,

circa 1900

9.6cm high
Condition: minor crazing to glaze, rim has a kiln bubble visible, no issues to report & displays very well.




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