Rare Vincennes hard paste plate by Seguin, c. 1777-88

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Rare Vincennes hard-paste plate, painted with the monogram CS in flowers & gilt, within scattered flowerhead ground with flower wreath border to the rim. Rare blue label mark ___ ^ ^ ^ for Seguin’s factory, 1777-88


wear to enamels




____ ^ ^ ^ This mark was traditionally associated with the Orleans factory. However, this pot and associated pieces are hard paste, and no proof has been found to suggest Orleans made anything but their usual soft paste porcelain. Research reveals that the mark is a heraldic device known as a label, and is the symbol for the Duc de Chartres, the patron of a porcelain factory at the Chateau of Vincennes. Under his patronage, Sieur Hector Hiacinthe Seguin was to become the director of an already established factory at Vincennes, moving in in 1776. The mark was registered in February 1777. Several commissions for the aristocracy are mentioned in a 1779 letter, which also outlines the cash flow problems the concern was having. In 1788, the privilege to make porcelain at Vincennes ran out, and the concern was closed. Ref Dawson -French Porcelain- p297 for a discussion on the scarce information available on this factory, #225 for a cup & saucer in the British museum with identical mark of underglaze blue label & incised 'St'.

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