Tiger Eye Specimen, Pilambra Region, Western Australia

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Australian Tiger Eye specimen,

Triangular ‘mountain’ form polished one side, with well defined horizontal tigereye, red & iron layers.

Pilambra Region,

Western Australia

2 Billion Years Old


The well defined layers of Tiger eye / Iron deposits are actually signs of extremely early life on earth. They are known as ‘microbialites’, meaning microscopic biological constructs, the laminated by-product of microorganisms like algae, living in rafts or reefs as a community.
These examples date back over 2 billion years, and are found in various places in Western Australia – remarkably, there is still a very rare example of this primitive living structure in the same region, for example in the shallow seas of Shark Bay. These Stromatolites are low mounds in the tidal zones, made up of microscopic blue-green bacteria. These bacteria extract the minerals from their environment, and leave it in laminated layers that form large structures over vast time scales. When fossilised, they form the varied mineral layers of tiger eye.




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