Vauxhall bowl, unrecorded pattern, c.1760


Rare Vauxhall bowl, painted underglaze with an oriental landscape, the interior with an island to the base and lattice border.Circa 1760.


small hairline




Provenance: Ex-Rosenberg Reference Collection, Geelong The pattern is apparently not documented, other than an intriguing footnote to the English Ceramic CIrcle’s exhibiton of Vauxhall, where in the catalogue (Ceramics of Vauxhall, p95) there is a ‘fuddling cup’ firmly attributed to Bovey Tracy, the short- lived factory set up by Crisp when he was forced to close his Vauxhall firm in 1763. Porcelain production only lasted form 1766-7, and there were probably only a few kiln firings in that period. If this is a Bovey Tracey piece, it is rare to the extreme; however, it has a comparable body & form to Vauxhall, and the decoration is also a good match, having the ‘wet’ cobalt blue that is so distinctive.

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