Wilson Creamware plate with country scene in enamels, c. 1810

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Wilson Creamware plate, of lobed form with crisply moulded flowers to the rim, the well with a linked circle moulding, painted to the center with a country scene in enamels.
Impressed crown & G, c. 1810


crazing to glaze, hairline

ref. Edwards- Neale pottery & porcelain- p187 for a Wilson figure with this mark, c. 1790.
The firm of Neal & co., founded in 1776, used the impressed mark of a crown & G until around 1786. This plate is far too late for that, belonging to the post- 1800 period. In Godden’s Encyclopedia of Marks, he finishes the entry in this Neal mark by saying the mark is also found in 1820’s pieces, and Edwards illustrates a basket mark plt 133 with an impressed Neal & co. mark alongside a Crown& G mark, which she dates to the change over period, 1790-91, at which time Robert Wilson became a partner. He died in 1801, but not before making his son David the partner. David Wilson continued until 1820, and attempted to instal his son as a part of the business- but there were serious issues, recorded in correspondence between David & Josiah Wedgwood II. The works closed in 1820, and were later used by the early Ridgway factory in 1830-
This plate reinforces the continuation of the Neal mark into the first decade of the 19th century.




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