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Curated Collections

Children's Mugs

We’re pleased to announce a new way of browsing our vast stock on

Curated Collections.

These small groups of complimentary items will illustrate an idea, such as a maker, period or technique.
Or even just a group of pieces that go well together – as we say, they ‘speak the same language’….

Scottish Memorabilia - Badges & Medals
Scottish Memorabilia – Badges & Medals

These will appear on our home page, ( on the far right column, next to ‘news’) – and will only remain for a limited time, to be replaced by different collections. With over 10,000 items to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

In a way, these are ‘mini-exhibitions’. Pre-covid, we were putting together regular displays at Antique Fairs, either in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra – with the occasional trip to Adelaide – and also in our Geelong premises. However, this excluded all of our keen overseas customers – so by utilising the website for these Curated Collections, we can offer many more pieces to many more people, at a fraction the cost!

See the latest ‘Curated Collections’ here – ‘3 Bowls’, with three lovely 18th century Continental small punchbowls, fresh to our stock this week, from Meissen, Neiderviller, and Furstenberg >>

Curated : adjective(of online content, merchandise, information, etc.) selected, organized, and presented using professional or expert knowledge……

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