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John turns 80!

A special milestone occurred this week, with John Rosenberg, founder of Moorabool Antiques, turning 80.

John Rosenberg turns 80, 2019
John Rosenberg turns 80, 2019

Back in the 1950’s, a young John Rosenberg could have never believed he would be proprietor of a business such as Moorabool was to become. His first purchase at the age of 12 was a Staffordshire Swan Inkwell – still treasured to this day!

Staffordshire Swan Inkwell
Staffordshire Swan Inkwell

He haunted the few places in Geelong that had Antiques, and from their owners began to learn the vast amount there is to know about the past – something he is still pursuing every day of late, pouring through our reference books for the more obscure patterns & shapes contained in the huge collection we are currently processing…..

John has seen huge change in the Antiques Trade, from his very first Antique Dealers Association fair in 1959 – the second ever held in Victoria– through 59 consecutive years exhibiting, including the boom years for Antiques in the 1980’s-90’s…. fast-forward to 2019 and there was no Dealers Association Antique Fair held, breaking his 59-year consecutive stretch… a reflection on the shrinking Antiques Market.

These days the business is quite, and prices are low – and that, says John is exciting.

“For anyone buying Antiques, there has never been a better time. In all my experience, most items are cheaper today than they were when I began, and have not been this affordable in any of the years since…” 

In other words, now is the perfect time to buy!

John has never lost his fascination in past products, hand-made with care and attention. And the variety is seemingly endless.

“Always something to discover, something ‘New’ in Antiques that I have never seen before…” 

“I still work every day – if you call this work!”

We got together some friends & family in the Reference Library of Moorabool to celebrate his 80th party.

Some wonderful in-house catering resulted in a very trendy ‘Grazing table’ – using antiques in a very encouraging way!

The cake was always a concern -clearly a ‘normal’ cake would not do for this momentous occasion – and so a Willow Pattern design was conceived – echoing the one from his 70th birthday, but in this case, brought to life with a ‘crash’!

Willow Pattern Plate Cake
Willow Pattern Plate Cake

Those cracks are an Antique ceramic dealers worst nightmare, and slicing it up & eating it was something of a relief!

A good time was had by all, and thanks to all who came & sent their best wishes – and have done so since.


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