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Antiquities…. Fresh @

November 24th, 2021.

Welcome to our ‘Fresh Stock’ update – these items are fresh to our stock , and fresh to this website.

Today it’s a selection of Antiquities, mostly from a fascinating collection recently acquired in Melbourne, Australia. Most had old auction numbers & labels, suggesting it was put together last century, judging by the deterioration of the stickers and the typewritten labels. The last owner had the revered name ‘Rothschild’ – but it’s not that Rothschild Collection!

The figure of ‘Astarte’ is particularly interesting, with a provenance of the great ancient city of Tyre.
The other pots shown above include Canannite pieces 3,500 years old, and an amazing early Israelite piece from the 9th century BC.

There’s also a selection of tiny little Ancient Egyptian amulets, mounted to make them display nicely.


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Fresh Stock

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