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11th December – Fresh @

December 11th, 2021.

Welcome to our ‘Fresh Stock’ update – these items are fresh to our stock , and fresh to this website.

French Bronzes
Fresh Delights @ Moorabool

Today we have a wide range of interesting potential Christmas Gifts – something for everyone!

There’s a small group of fine quality French bronzes, some delicate small pieces of ‘virtu’, and that gorgeous ‘doggy box’ with its googly eyes peering at you… how can you say ‘no’?

Chess, anyone?
Chess, anyone?

There’s a handsome chess set – Jaques, London, mid-19th century – and an incredible luxury boxed set of .950 standard Solid Silver teaspoons with very special sugar tongs, dating to circa 1900.

Luxury French Silver by Alphonse Debain
Luxury French Silver by Alphonse Debain

You’ll also find some really in-expensive pieces, the ‘extra presents’ we’re always looking for – such as a selection of Victorian pewter drinking tankards, many under $100. I use one on my desk here to keep the pens in.

Pewter Tankards
Pewter Tankards

Remember, we post world-wide at the most reasonable rates – ask for a quote.

Note: while we can post worldwide at reasonable rates, please aware delivery may be delayed due to covid shipping chaos.

We are expert at packing for a safe delivery of all our precious items…..

Fresh Stock

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