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December 15th, 2021.

We’ve been busy uploading a stash of fantastic Ancient Artifacts.

Roman Bronze Fittings
Roman Bronze Fittings & brooches

Many of these items were only ‘re-discovered’ during the recent months of lockdown, where we investigated the deepest storage rooms at Moorabool Antiques: here we found Paul’s accumulations of interesting artifacts, collected while in the UK as a student in the 1990’s. This was a time when metal detectors were becoming common, and every farmers field was apparently littered with delightful little bronze pieces from antiquity.

The Thames River in London was another prime hunting ground; after being used as a dump since prehistory, there was something from every period of history to be found there with a little effort.

Ancient Bronzes, and a rare Silver ‘Celtic’ Penannular Brooch

Paul was actively buying these small finds from the finders; anything they unearthed was their own to do with as they pleased, and while most would have a collection of their own, multiples or lesser pieces were happily sold off – and happily bought by Paul! Bundled up & shipped to Australia, with the intention of selling, they were forgotten about after the ‘big move’ of 2000, when we moved into our new premises. It was quite a pleasant shock to unearth a small crate, at the back of a store room, full of fascinating artifacts. Now the challenge is to catalogue, mount & present them online. We’re doing ‘spins’ of them as well, so plenty to see & enjoy if you like ancient items…

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Fresh Antiquities

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