Keichousaurus hui, Fossil Dinosaur almost complete juvenile skeleton, Triassic, around 220 Million Years Old


Keichousaurus hui,

an almost complete juvenile skeleton fossil in grey stone matrix, prepared to show the fine bones as a slightly darker tone.

Triassic period, China, around 220 Million Years Old.

Stone measures: 12×9.5cm, skeleton is approx. 9cm long.

Images are made using a microscope, some with scale –

This tiny dinosaur only grew to around 30cm as an adult – but at 9cm, this is a baby!
They were aquatic, but had very strong limbs that would have allowed them onto land if needed. First described in 1957, they are found in the Huxia Formation, Guanglin, Guizhou Province of China.




These small marine reptiles were first discovered in China in 1957. They are a spectacular fossil as they are often found as complete, articulated skeletons, such as this example. They became extinct in the mass-extinction event at the end of the Triassic, around 201 million years ago.

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