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Curated -Australiana

Neville Cayley Junior Cockatoos
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Australiana Curated Collection

Australia has a vast range of items unique to this ‘Great Southern Land’…. from the First Nation’s fascinating art & artifacts, to the inevitable Exploration and Colonisation by Europe, with depictions of the startling unique animals and landscapes so very foreign to European eyes. The items from our earliest colonial days show attempts to understand and illustrate Australia’s uniqueness.
Materials used were expensive if imported the daunting distance from Europe – so local resources were soon exploited, the prime being the ‘Australian Red Cedar’, a fine furniture timber that has a unique quality much loved by Australiana collectors.
The mid-19th century brought about the biggest change, when Gold was found throughout the country, attracting huge numbers of migrants. While mostly British, they came from all over the world, bringing with them endless new ideas and crafting techniques – for example, Chinese craftsmen, attracted by the gold initially, soon settled and became furniture makers – using their traditional techniques and tools to create English-style furniture.
The gold resources were vast, and Australia rapidly became wealthy. During the last quarter of the 19th century, this wealth was often shown in luxury houses, full of luxury goods, with Melbourne being the ‘wealthiest place on earth’ for some time in the 1880’s.
Gradually in the 19th century, an understanding and maturity emerges, with landscape and wildlife artists producing realistic depictions, with artists developing their own distinct styles unique to Australia. Home-grown industries like Australian Pottery created yet another unique – and collectable – aspect of ‘Australiana’.

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