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February 11 – Fresh @

February 11th, 2022.

Welcome to our ‘Fresh Stock’ update – these items are fresh to our stock , and fresh to this website. With Valentines day just around the corner, we hope you love our latest additions…

Today, some fine 18th century enamels, elaborate flower encrusted marvels, and even some Sterling Silver teddybears……. these fun pieces were made right at the start of the ‘Teddy’ era, when Teddy Roosevelt was President of the USA – and a popular cartoon showed him refusing to shoot a bear cub on a shoot, labelling him ‘a big teddy-bear’…. from this, the first of our much-loved toys were made, and these rare silver pieces followed the trend.

SOLD! rare Stirling ‘Teddy Bear’ salt & pepper, 1909

Remember, we post world-wide at the most reasonable rates – ask for a quote.

Fresh Stock

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