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24th January – Fresh @ – Staffordshire Figures

Staffordshire Figures

January 22nd, 2022.

Staffordshire Figures
Some real characters Fresh at Moorabool – Staffordshire Figures of the mid-19th century

Welcome to our ‘Fresh Stock’ update – these items are fresh to our stock , and fresh to this website.

Today it’s time for some Fresh Staffordshire!
We enjoy our Staffordshire for the stories they tell. This was their purpose – to represent an individual, a famous character, or an event. The equivalent of Facebook & Instagram in the 19th century!

Jenny Jones & Edward Morgan
Jenny Jones & Edward Morgan

This is an interesting theatrical group – based on a pop song of the time: Jenny Jones. That’s her, slicing up a bit of cheese & bread for her sailor, Edward Morgon, who has returned after 20 years sailing the world to his hometown, and his love.
The last verse says it all:

I parted a lad from the vale of my fathers,
And left Jenny Jones then a cockit young lass :
But now I'm return'd a storm-beaten old mariner,
JENNY—from JONES, into MORGAN shall pass,
And we'll live on our cheese and our ale in contentment,
And long through our dear native vallies will rove ;
For indeed in our hearts we both love that Llangollen,
And sweet Jenny Morgan, with truth will I love.
Wellington & Napoleon - Staffordshire Figures
Wellington & Napoleon – Staffordshire Figures, mid-19th century
Napoleon's Eagle
Napoleon’s Eagle

You’ll recognize these two characters: Napoleon, instantly recognizable in his costume, with his arm characteristically tucked into his waistcoat. He was a surprisingly popular figure amongst the English, who would have had recent memories of the turmoil he caused across Europe. The appeal was as a ‘Villain’ figure, alongside the various Highwaymen, Murderers, and Politicians that were made in large quantities. This particular representation of Napoleon is a scarce one, as he is depicted with a friendly Eagle – representing ‘Empire’, as-in the Roman Empire (with its Eagle symbol) has been re-created by Napoleon….
With ambitions like that, the figure of the Duke of Wellington was necessary to keep him in check at the other end of the cottage mantel piece – although this figure shows him in his political capacity, some years after ‘The War’.

Staffordshire Clock Group
Staffordshire ‘Scottish’ Clock Group, mid 19th century

Lastly, this curiously tall figure is ‘one with the lot’ – there’s dancing highlanders, a charming lion lurking beneath the red-brick bridge that forms the base, who has recently been ‘cuddling’ a deer (‘he’s just sleeping, kids!”) – and an eagle perched on top for good measure! The purpose of the whole piece is to give the impression to anyone peering through a cottage window that the house had a clock – and was therefore well off – although looking closer, you’ll notice it’s painted on!

You’ll find these listed in the ‘Fresh Stock’ below. There’s also good number of other Staffordshire figures to browse below, along with a fair few interesting pottery pieces.


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