Rare Staffordshire figure of Napoleon, with Eagle, c. 1850


Rare Staffordshire Pottery figure of Napoleon, shown standing in ‘hand-tucked’ position, dressed in a well coloured & detailed uniform, on a green mound base with a grey eagle on a mound at one side.

Circa 1850

Height: 30cm

Condition: slight wear to glaze, crazing all over.

Napoleon, the enemy of the English and arch-nemesis of Wellington, was a surprisingly popular figure in the Staffordshire potteries. It was the ‘villian’ appeal, alongside infamous pirates, murderers, and highwaymen that made it in demand, and probably sold well with an opposing Wellington to stand at the other end of the mantel shelf!

The usual figure of this type doesn’t have the eagle at his side, which represents the reference to the Roman Empire he wished to gcreate: it’s the ancient Roman symbol of empire.

ref. Harding vol.1 #30 for two plainly decorated examples with the eagle, missing the details seen in this example – and yet put at a high price suggestion due to rarity (‘D’, £500-1,000)




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