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Upcoming Art

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Moorabool has a vast amount of Art to present in the near future, from 17th-18th century drawings to 20th century Australiana.

Australiana Kookaburras & snake watercolour
Australiana Kookaburras with snake watercolour

17th & 18th century ‘Genre’ scenes

The concept of ‘Genre’ – everyday scenes – became an artistic trend in the 17th century, and has remained ever since. Moorabool has a fascinating group of Oil & Watercolour artworks of landscapes – mostly Dutch – populated by people going about their everyday lives. They become fascinating windows into the past.

The Grand Tour

Taking the Grand Tour was the essential event in a Gentlemans – an Ladies – life. It ensured adventure and cultural credentials once back at home in England – and of course, a souvenir or two to show off with was essential! While ancient artefacts were brought back, many seem to have grought back replicas – probably oblivious that the Ancient Greek pot they had bought from the tomboralli was still warm from the kiln….

A large number of artists also went on a Grand Tour, to study and copy the Ancient Greek & Roman remains.

The Grand Tour selection at Moorabool covers all these origins – alongside a stock of original Ancient Art & Artefacts.

WIlliam Oliver - Hadrian's Villa, signed & dated 1849. Note the self-portrait of the artist sketching in the foreground.
WIlliam Oliver (1804-53) – Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli – signed & dated 1849. Note the self-portrait of the artist sketching in the foreground.
Watercolour of a Villa in Pompeii, 19th century. Ex- collection of John Rosenberg.

Romantic Landscapes

‘Romantic’ Landscape art is based on the exploration of the wilderness, the rugged far-flung parts of Britain & the Continent that were often hard to access, but rewarded with spectacular ‘Picturesque’ sights. This was a late 18th century movement, and was embraced by a large number of artists in Britain.

James Poole (1804-1886) Stone House, circa 1870 -large work.
A small oil on board depicting a rough house in an Australian bush scene was sold at Aingers, Melbourne, in 2020, suggesting this artist visited Australia. It was dated 1880, 6 years before he died. No other records indicate an Australian visit.
George Dance the younger (1741-1825) portrait of a Gent
George Dance the younger (1741-1825) portrait of a Gent

A Potential Major literary discovery:

Is this an early depiction of the Bronte Sisters?

Portrait of three young ladies, signed & dated ‘MGB 1834’
-are these the Bronte Sisters?
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