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Moorabool Antiques stocks a wide range of artists, from Baroque to Modern. Below you’ll find them listed alphabetically, grouped according to their period / place, and clicking the name will show all our works of that artist.

Note: these are the signed, or attributed works; anonymous, unsigned works will not be visible on this listing. Look through the ‘Art’ pages , or the specific gallery of art period/style/place to see all works on

PRINTS are also not included: original works of art only.

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  • Raffaele Moretti - The Card Game circa 1880 Watercolour
  • Portrait of Lady Parkes as a Young Girl
  • George Dance the younger (1741-1825) portrait of a Gent


Terauchi, Fukutaro (Japan)

Musino, H (Japan)

Woa, Sing (Hong Kong)

Western 18th century Artists

Cotes, Francis (1726-70) English

Perronneau, Jean Baptiste (1716-83) French

Thomire, Pierre Augustin (1724-1808) French

European & other 19th century

Breitner, GH. (Dutch)

de Beynac, Rene Joly (1876-1968) French

Loria, Vincenzo (Italian)

Moretti, Raffaele

Pareato, D.

VanStein, H.

European & other 20th century

Gruger, FR. (USA)

Maurice, Taquoy (French)

British 19th century

Affleck, William

Aldridge, FJ.

Brittan, Charles Edward

Davidson, R.

Eyre, Gladstone

Fielding, Copley

Fletcher, J.

Foster, Harold

Foster, Miles Birket

Fowler, B.

Lewis, Edward Goodwyn

Lynn, John

May, J.

Mole, JH.

Morris, Charles Greville

Oliver, William

Payne, William (after)

Prout, Skinner

Shaw-Crompton, James

Smith, CL.

Smith, John Raphael (after)

Stinton, James

Teasdel, LC.

Thorpes, M

Took, William (1857-92)

Weatherhead, WH. (1843-1903)

British 20th century

Bennett, Frederick B.

Brahm, H.

Laroche, Jean

McCall, John

Ottewell, Benjamin J.

Rhodes, Bertha

Wood, Stair

Australia & New Zealand 19th century

Bond, JA.

Budd, sisters

Chapman, Ernest Arthur

Esam, Arthur (1887-1958)

Eustace, AW.

Evans, JL.

Garrett, Tom (1858-1943)

Gill, S.T. (1818-1880)

Hammond, George Hamilton (1869-1960)

Jackson, Gordon

Lewis, Edward Goodwyn

Long, David

Percival, William James

Prout, Skinner

Short, William senior (1833-1917)

Spence, Percy F. S. (1868-1933)

Stocks, Ernest D. (1840-1921)

Strange, Frederick (c.1807-1873)

Wadham, WJ (1863-1950)

Withers, Walter

Withers, Margery

Australia & New Zealand 20th century

Adams, Dennis (1914-2001)

Aisbett, John C.

Allcot, John (1888-1973)

Ashton, James (1859-1935)

Barlone, Elsie

Barratt, Walter

Bate, CE.

Buchanan, M.V.

Campbell, Percy Rudolf

DaLozzo, Lucette

Ellis, Ken

Esam, Arthur

Fletcher, Ronald R.

Forman, John

Gailer, Ken

Gardner, John

Gibbs, Audrey (1921-2015)

Glanville, G.

Graham, Douglas

Grant, John E.

Hammond, WH Page (1889-1967)

Harding, Frank

Healey, C.

Heffernan, Edward B.

Hellier, Dermont (1916-2006)

Herbert, Harold B.

Hill, Jean Marie

Hill, Robin

Jack, Kenneth (1924-2006)

Jackson, Carlyle

Jarvis, Arnold

Kirk, Verna

Kruger, Shari

Laver, JB.

Lang, S.

Leschkau, Gretchen (c.1880- )

Lindsay, Lionel

Morris, Frank T.

Nolan, Sidney (1917-1992)

Outhwaite, Ida Rentoul

Owen, Florence

Owen, Millie

Park, Andrew

Pearson, Charlene

Proctor, Robert (NZ)

Ramsay, Dennis

Raberaba, Brenton (1951-74)

Roseberry, A

Sims, Jean

Slocombe, Harold

Sommers, John senior (1846-1930)

Speary, Gordon A. (1914-1999)

Serelis, Vytas

Sewell, Dorca Charles (1920’s-1990’s)

Stracham, WB.

Sutherland, Anne

Tantau, Robert (1931-2020)

Tattoo, Winter

Walsh, TJ

Webber, Horace

Winneke, Angus (1911-82)

Withers, Margery

Wood, Clifford Dudley

Wood, Daisy

Wood, Helen

Wood, Margery

Yorston, Phyl

Stained Glass

Kellner, Stephan

Van Vlodrop, Frans