5 ‘Irish’ pewter measures, haystack form, 1930’s Birmingham

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Decorative set of five graduating pewter ‘Haystack’ measures, of traditional Irish shape, the largest with harp “VR” at rim, each marked to base with a large stamp: a lion on crown, inscribed “IMPERIAL, AUSTEN & SON CORK / 94 NORTH MAIN STREET”
Re-creations, probably by Neate of Birmingham, 1930’s

largest 24cm High, smallest 9.5cm High

These measures are recreations of Irish ‘Haystack’ measures of the earlier 19th century; always in great demand, the pewterers of the early 20th century met the demand with re-creations. Unfortunately, they used the ‘original’ Irish mark, and did not identify them as copies; however, there are a few inconsistencies evident, like an unblemished & sharp foot, and a handle that is barely attached at the lower join.




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