Arthur N Baldwinson ‘Fishing Boats’ etching, Port Augusta 1929

$195.00 AUD

Arthur N Baldwinson (1908–1969)

‘Fishing Boats’ etching,

Port Augusta 1929

Titled, signed & dated along the lower edge.

25cm x 26cm framed

Condition: Slight tear along the plate mark (part of the printing process), slight browning at mount join, can be re-mounted & slightly cropped.

Arthur N. Baldwinson was born Boulder City, Western Australia in 1908, before coming to Geelong where he studied architecture at the Gordon Institute of Technology.

As an architecture student he won many awards, including the Royal Victorian Institute of Architecture’s Bronze and Silver Medals. While at the Gordon in Geelong (just over the road from Moorabool Antiques!), he learnt linocutting and by 1927, etching. His early works were published in ‘Manuscripts’, an arts magazine published by the Woods Sisters in Geelong from ‘Book Nook’ in Ryrie Street. 

According to the NGV’s Prints & Print Making website, “In March 1932 he left for London, and for a short time worked for fellow Australian architect Raymond McGrath. Under McGrath’s influence he produced a number of small stylish wood engravings which he sent back to Australia to be printed in Manuscripts No. 6, August 1933. He later worked with Maxwell Fry and Walter Gropius. He returned to Australia in 1938 and worked in private architecture practice to his death on 25th August 1969.”




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