Australian Aboriginal Woomera -spear-thrower, 2.66m


Australian Aboriginal Woomera ( spear-thrower), made to authentic techniques with animal sinew & mulgawood carved end.
Collected WA/ NT  mid-20th century,

probably Kimberly.

266cm total length, 19cm tip length.

excellent condition

This is an oversize example, with most other woomera from elsewhere in Australia being less than half this size. The narrow end-piece is typical of the Kimberly region.

A ‘woomera’ is a spear-thrower, basically a long leaver-extension for a hunting spear. When used to launch a spear, it resulted in an incredible ~60% extra force and massive increase in distance. This particular example, at 2.66 meters, is the longest we have seen, and is an original usable piece made without European tools or materials.




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