Bow figure of Smell, from The Senses, c. 1765

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Bow figure of Smell, from a set of the senses, modeled as a seated lady with a basket of flowers on her lap, with several clumps of flowers growing around her feet and one by her side, her right hand raising a picked bloom to her nose, set on a high rococo scroll base, the whole painted in bright enamels, her dress in particular with groups of vivid flowers including tulips. Interesting underglaze blue mark of a sword and a dot, Circa 1765


good condition, minor losses to flowers only


18cm high


The Five Senses are a rarer product from Bow than say the Four Seasons. This figure belongs to the earlier 1750s models, but has been used 10 years later, as is evident by the high rococo scroll base. Another interesting difference is the earlier version has her reaching to pick a flower, while this version has her actually smelling it- a much more sensible way of expressing the sense! Ref. Bradshaw -Bow Porcelain Figures- #B44 for the five, p127 for an illustration of an earlier undecorated example, and p105 for their write up. Another example can be seen in the Treasury of Bow catalogue, #180, which also has her hand raised.

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