Bow leaf shape dish, fruit & bugs decoration, c.1770


Bow leaf form dish, modelled as several overlapping leaves with green edges and purple veins, painted to the centre with a large fig and sprays of red currents, a large blue-winged moth and iridescent beetle to one side, the handle modelled as a twig with a snail-like feature, on a triangle shaped footrim. Unmarked, circa 1770


short firing crack/hairline from rim, otherwise good.




ref. Godden- Caughley & Worcester Porcelain- p318 for an example. Worcester made a similar shape. Caughley also made this form, but did not include the curious snail-like feature near the handle. Hanscombe illustrates one in his JAMES GILES catalogue, #49, where he isolates a butterfly of this exact type (with a blue body and red wings, the reverse of this piece) as the defining feature making it a Giles piece (although the porcelain is most probably Bow, not Worcester). The magnificent junket dish, #61, has another very similar butterfly, along with a whole fig. The red currents are identical to examples attributed to Giles in the Zorensky Collection #412, dated to 1770-2. The fruit arrangement of #414b is also reminiscent of this dish. HOWEVER, being a Bow piece suggests that this is Bow factory decoration, not Worcester with Giles as suggested in the literature.

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