Chamberlain’s Worcester bute shape cup & saucer, sepia landscape patt. 450, c. 1810

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Early Chamberlain’s Worcester Bute Shape cup & saucer, painted with pattern 450, ‘Brown views, gold bead border’ in the factory pattern list, each painted in a sepia brown with buildings in landscapes, the rims with a border of gilt ovals within plain line boundaries.


Circa 1810

saucer 14cm

Excellent condition


Chamberlain’s didn’t put pattern numbers on their wares for their earlier productions, but there is an extensive list with descriptions of the patterns for the earliest period from which we can re-identify the pattern. There are two pattern list entries that describe possible patterns for this design, 441 “Baden, fine brown views all round & bead border” , and 450, “Brown views different and gold bead border”.  450’s reference to ‘Baden’ is a distinct concave shape with slight ridge at the foot, as well as being ‘all round’, meaning a continuous landscape: this example is from a service that had the plain coffee cups with straight bucket-shape bowls and no lower ridge, and landscapes are reserved on a white ground, not continuous. This is therefore pattern 450.




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