Chelsea-Derby figure of a gallant with a tri-corn hat, C. 1770

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Rare Chelsea-Derby miniature figure of a gent, modelled in fine detail striding by a flower encrusted stump, in a slightly bowed stance with tricorn hat doffed, dressed in a long coat and red pantaloons, his shoes with flowerhead buckles.

Unusual double-anchor mark in red,

Circa 1770



6cm high


ref. ‘Chelsea Toys’ Bryant 1925 pl 57 No. 6 for an identical example ‘In the collection of Mrs A. E. Marlow’; also Cheyne Book of Chelsea 1925 pl 19 for a similar pair with a gold anchor in the Montefiore collection. The extremely rare double-anchor mark only appears on these miniature figures; the figure has been fired on a pad of clay, and combined with the type of flowers, we suggest they were in fact made at Derby in the Chelsea-Derby period. Twitchet illustrates a gardener that is very close also, with a gold anchor mark and pad marks, probably meaning it was decorated at least at Chelsea. This brings to mind the possibility that they were made at Derby, and transported to Chelsea to be decorated, before being sold in the London shops.

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