Chinese ‘blanc-de-chine’ figure, Lan Ts’ai-ho with flower basket, 20th century


Chinese porcelain ‘blanc-de-chine’ figure of an elegant lady with basket of flowers, representing Lan Ts’ai-ho, the female from the ‘Eight Immortals’ of Daoism, shown in flowing robes upending her basket of flowers.
Stamped ‘Made In China’
‘ST’ aded in red to base,
Earlier 20th century

losses to one lower trail, one sleeve restuck

Lan Ts’ai-ho (Lan Caihe) is the least well-known of the eight immortals of Daoist tradition – his/her sex is ambiguous (‘the man who doesn’t know how to be a man’), and Lan travelled as a musician, singing his/her own particular songs – often about the shortnes of life, as in fading like flowers….. Often drunk, Lan Ts’ai-ho is sometimes depicted in a carefree state with only one shoe on! So Lan was a carefree wanderer who loved to collect flowers, and for some reason is often depicted with her flower basket upended…




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