Chinese blue & white sauceboat, flower moulded with underglaze dec., c.1770

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Chinese blue and white sauceboat, after a Bow original, moulded with flower groups and scrolls pendant from the shaped rim, a heart-shaped terminal at lower handle join, painted in underglaze blue with various flower groups, the inside with a cell border.
Circa 1770 L, 9cm H
Excellent condition

The body of this piece has a ‘soft-paste’ feel to it. Bow and other English porcelain makers of the mid 18th century made this exact form, with moulded flower groups, and painted it with the same underglaze blue flowers. However, the moulding differs to this example, and the painting has a different quality to it, being more tense in colour and better painted than many English examples. The piece is actually Chinese, copying an English sample probably sent to China in the 1760’s. The strange body is an example of the type sometimes referred to as ‘Chinese Softpaste’, which analysis has shown to be an undercard production of the usual high-fired Chinese body.




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