Cook’s Voyages original mounted print-‘PLAN of the BAY of AWTSKA on the East Coast OF KAMTSCHATKA’ C.1785

Original copperplate engraving, from an edition of ‘Cook’s Voyages’, showing a map, titled below’PLAN of the BAY of AWTSKA on the East Coast OF KAMTSCHATKA’
‘ Plan of the harbour off St Peter and St Paul surveyed by William Bligh Mafter of the refolution’

London published by Alex Hogg at the kings Arms No 16 Paternoster Row


George Anderson published this version in 1784, using many different engravers to illustrate the text. As he states in the preface:

“Some other editions of these Works, unnecessarily extended to many large Volumes by loose Printing &c. and published by mercenary Persons would cost the Purchaser the enormous Sum of upwards of Twenty Guineas; so that many Thousands of Persons who would wish to peruse the valuable Discoveries so partially communicated to the World have hitherto been excluded from gratifying their eager Curiosity; but this Edition is published in only Eighty Numbers at 6d each, making when complete either One or Two Large Handsome Volumes in Folio. The Poor as well as the Rich will thus become familiarly acquainted with these extraordinary and important Voyages and Discoveries”.