Creamware punch pot / tea kettle with baroque face & double strap handle, English c. 1780

$840.00 AUD

Handsome large creamware punch pot or tea kettle, with spherical body and elaborate spiral-twisted double overhead handle with flower sprig terminals, the curved scroll-moulded spout with a face moulded to the body join, the matched lid with a well modelled artichoke, the centre a hole for steam.


Yorkshire, circa 1780


21cm high,
26cm spout-to-handle

Condition:  The lid is matched, and with the artichoke knop, from a Leeds piece. The handle is in good condition, but there is a small amount of overpainting to the very tip of the spout only, suggesting a chip has been restored. Displays very well.

This large piece is a rare survivor – the expanse of body would have been very susceptible to damage, but has somehow survived intact. The lid, while not original, is of the same period, and made in Leeds; these vessels were also sometimes called ‘Leeds’, but do not appear in the factory records or among the marked examples. There were many manufacturers in the Staffordshire potteries, but Yorkshire was also a centre of creamware production, with Leeds being the best know, and therefore most often quoted. This magnificent pot is probably the product of one of the smaller, lesser- studied firms.




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