Cypriot pottery head of a ferocious beast, 750-475 BC

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Remarkable pottery animal head, with large rounded ears & sharp barred teeth, the eyes bulging.

Cypriot, a lion or perhaps a badger?

Cypro-Archaic Period, 750-475 BC



3cm , 8cm on stand

fragmentary, surface is stable

Provenance: from an old Australian Collection, put together in Cyprus in the 1970’s, sold Melbourne 2022. Some have place names & dates of finding in Cyprus.

This interesting animal head was amongst a collection of definite Cypriot wares, collected in Cyprus in the 1970’s. It was once a decoration on the wall of a vessel, with parts of the curve of the vessel wall visible.  It would probably have had multiple companions, with heads protruding around the circumference. This is not an established Cypriot form, and may well be an import from elsewhere.




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