Dr Wall Worcester sauceboat, Strap Fluted Floral pattern, c.1770

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Dr Wall sauceboat, painted underglaze with the ‘Strap Fluted Floral’ pattern,  in panels framed with moulding consisting of two strands of wheat-ears woven together, set on a fluted ground, continuing to the foot with a plain band at the lop of the foot appearing to bind it together, the shaped rim with a reserve painted in underglaze blue with a cell pattern, a large flower sprig inside and an insect to a small quatrefoil panel beneath the smooth spout.

Underglaze crescent ‘C’ mark,

Circa 1770

Spout-to-handle 17.5cm, rim 7.5cm high

Excellent condition


ref. Panes ‘British Porcelain Sauceboats’ fig. 228 for an identical Worcester example. This type has fluted sides, but a scroll elegantly defines the underside of the spout on both times, which is left smooth.




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