Early Wegely (Berlin) figure of a partridge, circa 1755

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Rare early Wegely (Berlin) figure of a partridge, modelled standing on a rocky plinth with scattered leaves and a corn of wheat, the bird beautifully painted with mottled brown feathers including ‘eyes’.
Incised numbers ‘3.1.’
Circa 1755


16cm high


small repair to wheat, also tip of beak


Wegely’s Berlin factory was a short-lived affair, opening in 1752 and closing in 1757. Any wares by him are scarce, but dramatic figures such as these birds are extremely rare.

ref. Savage- Porcelain Through The Ages- pl 28B for an example, p153 for the discussion, where he notes the illustrated example bears the mark 1/4, the same as one of these. The upper number is believed to be the body type, the lower to be the model number, although another pair of the same bird (but decorated with their white winter plumage) sold by Moorabool some time ago had ‘1/4’ incised, so this theory is possibly incorrect.




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