Egyptian ‘foundation cone’ or Funerary Cone, Merymose, 18th dynasty 1390-1352BC


Egyptian Funerary Cone, bearing the inscription of the King’s Son of Kush, Merymose. ”The venerated one in the presence of Osiris, the king’s son of Kush Merymose.” Thebes, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca. 1390-1352 BC


just the face, missing the column, with traces of plaster & red ochre to the surface


6cm wide


Provenance: purchased Bonhams, London, mid-1990's. Merymose was a General under Amenhotep III. His victories in Kush (Nubia) led to the title 'King's Son', as he was successful in suppressing a rebellion & brought back gold & riches for the honour of the Pharaoh. Foundation Cones were used for a relatively short period, in the New Kingdom, and mostly at Thebes. Their exact purpose is not easily defined, but has to do with ownership and the afterlife; a nail in a door-frame in this life was the indication of ownership, and so this nail-like shape had a similar symbolic meaning in a funerary context. Several examples from this same tomb can be seen in the Met Museum, NYC.

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