English Lustreware cup & saucer, Faith, Hope, & Jack the Sailor, c.1830

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Staffordshire Porcelain cup & saucer, printed in puce with various symbolic prints, the cup with ‘Faith’ & ‘Charity’, the saucer with ‘Jack the Sailor’, each picked out with yellow & green enamel, the borders in a purple lustre.

Pattern no. 561 in yellow,
circa 1830

saucer 13.5cm

Condition: wear to rim, slight wear to prints,  faint hairline to saucer center

The saucer only has the moulded swags, while the cup is plain; however, the enamels are identical, the tone of print the same, and the arrangement of lines for the border the same; it is therefore an original factory matching of a cup with a slightly different saucer.




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