English Oak ‘close’ stool with Aubusson face top, c.1680

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Rare English Oak ‘Close’ stool, with turned legs & stretchers supporting a box-like upper, the lid sporting a 17th century tapestry fragment.

Circa 1680

52×45.6cm, 45cm high

good original condition with added top, great patination

Ref. Chinnery ‘Oak Furniture – The British Country Tradition ‘ p.270 fig. 3:111 for an identical example with a solid top.

A ‘Close’ stool was actually a polite way to hide your toilet-pot, right in the middle of your living space!
The Aubusson face fragment is the very top left of a wide border for a tapestry of immense size and quality, and also dates to the latter 17th century.




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