Falling Star – Indochinite tektite, teardrop form, on wood stand

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‘Falling Star’ –

Indochinite tektite,

of teardrop form, mounted on a bespoke natural wood stand .

Formed around 770,000 years ago, after a meteor struck the earth & ejected a mass of silica-rich rock into the atmosphere, which fused into ‘glass’ from the heat of impact. The fragile surface was pitted by re-entry and impact with the planet, and is found in a scatter across Indonesia.





This is a 'falling star', and is a natural glass formed by the debris from a major impact on the earth being flung out into space, then coming back into the atmosphere. This re-entry involved speed and friction, which caused the debris to melt, and so the shape & glass-like nature was aerodynamically formed. They are found across South-Eastern Asia, with these examples coming from the Australasian 'fields' which have been dated to an event around 770,000 years ago.

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