Fernand Cian, Paris, terracotta sculpture of cherubs, signed C.1920

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Fernand Cian  ( Italian1889- 1954)

French terracotta sculpture, superbly hand-modelled depicting Cupid and Psyche as two seated children  embracing, he with feathered wings & quiver of arrows and she with butterfly wings, strewn with flower garlands, set on a low oval plinth .

Signed right of plinth ‘Fernand Cian Paris’

Circa 1920

Good condition with minor signs of age


Born in Carrara in 1889, the sculptor Fernando Ciancianaini (Fernand Cian) studied and worked in Paris under Laporte Blairsy.  He lived in Torbole on Lake Garda for many years, where his figures in terracotta still adorn the Church of the Madonna delle Vittorie as well as numerous public squares in the area.  Between 1911 and 1928 he took part in exhibitions at the Salon des Artistes Français.




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