Fine Egyptian Silver large scarab brooch, c.1915

$380.00 AUD

Fine quality Egyptian Scarab brooch, with large-size blue-green glazed carved steatite scarab beetle with hieroglyphic inscription to the underside, mounted with silver wire-work base with decorative spokes ending in silver orbs in an oval shape, a pin at the back.

Circa 1915



This ‘antiquity’ is typical of the earlier 20th century reproductions, produced in Egypt. It came from a local Geelong family, with the tradition that their Grandfather had brought it back from Egypt, where he served in WWI. This provenance conforms perfectly with the actual piece, with the scarab being made at the same time in the ancient style. Some brooches used ancient scarabs, but the give-away on this scarab as a replica is the inscription: it doesn’t conform to the strict ancient rules for hieroglyphic writing.




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