Fossil Giant Shark Tooth, Megladon, from Chile, 8 million years old

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Fossil Giant Shark’s tooth,

Carcharocles megladon,

Mioscene-Pliocene Period, 8 million years old

from Chile, South America

measures aprox. 11cm across, 15.5cm high, 3.5cm thick.

Provenance: from an old Australian Collection.

Stunning state of preservation, with microscopic edge serrations still visible & enamel with only very light staining.
Has been cleanly broken & restock (probably in extraction), no restoration or overpainting.


These creatures were massive, the size of a bus – possibly up to 25 meters long! They were the top predator of the seas, with whale remains showing signs of being chewed on by Megladon.  Like the modern sharks, they constantly grew new teeth and dropped their old ones…




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